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The earth wish, people wish
We would like to propose a style of industry anew

Matsumoto Sangyo Co., Ltd. was founded as a steel shop in 1919 and it was established as Matsumoto Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd. in 1948, that base on a business plan devoted to core business, as a manufacturing trading company, it constantly senses the needs of the industry and creates a new business stage we are committed to providing accurate products and technologies and providing information.
In 2019 we will celebrate our 100th anniversary. We do thank you for your business dealings for a long time, again thank you for your support, cooperation and guidance.

Our capital is engineering sales and proposal actions that will be meet the needs of all production plants in our main business field of metal welding, cutting and bending technology. We believe that our mission is to have technological capability and originality as a manufacturer, to have a procurement capability and information capability as a trading company and to fulfill roles for development of industry and region by making full use of the two wheels.

President and Representative Director Mitsutaka Yoshida

Today, it is expected to be a severe economic environment, but at such times we believe that we will be able to focus and exert to “ability to take action, engineering sales, proposal actions” which we have been developing so far and also industry and factory environmental issues, we will actively work on CSR management (Corporate Social Responsibility) and we will contribute and make an effort to the development of the industry and the region.