Company profile


1919 Start of steel sales
1948 Matsumoto Oxygen Corp founded
1958 Matsumoto Lease Corp founded
1962 Tokyo and Sagamihara sales offices opened
1962 Fumiko Matsumoto installed as Representative Director
1963 East-Osaka sales office opened
1964 Matsumoto Machinery Co.,Ltd(present Matsumoto Kikai Co.,Ltd)founded
1967 Takamatsu, Hiroshima and Nagoya sales offices opened
1968 Headquarters building completed
Kokura sales office opened
Tokyo branch building completed
1969 Company name changed to Matsumoto Sangyo Co.,Ltd
Fumiko Matsumoto installed as the chairman of the board,
and Masaaki Zushi as Representative of Director
1970 Chiba, Tsu, Shiga and Kobe sales office opened
1971 Omiya, Hukuyama and Okayama sales office opened.
Nagoya branch building completed.
1972 Utsunomiya sales office opened
1973 Gifu, Sakai, Omuta, Yokohama, Sendai, Toyama
and Nishi-Osaka sales offices opened
1975 Takasaki sales office opened.
MAC Co.,Ltd founded.
1976 TOYO Corp founded.
1979 Niigata, Numazu and Joto sales offices opened
1980 Tsunenori Matsumoto installed as the
President and Representative Director.
Hamamatsu, Kohchi and Hukuoka sales offices opened.
1981 Himeji sales office opened.
1982 Yokkaichi and Ohmuta sales offices opened.
1983 Junzo Iino installed as the President and Representative Director.
Mdatsuyama sales office opened.
1984 Kanazawa amalgamated with Toyama sales offeice.
1986 Chiba amalgamated with Joto into Keiyoh sales offeic.
1987 Osaka-MAC Co.,Ltd founded.
1989 Matumoto sales office opened.
1991 South-Osaka sales office opened.
1992 Ichihara and Kohriyama sales offices opened.
1994 TOYO Corp Sponsored as 100% Subsidiary company.
1995 Junzo Iino installed as the Chairman of the Board and Representative Director, and Masanobu Sugimoto as the President and Representative Director.
1997 Excell Co.,Ltd founded.
2000 Aomori sales office opened.
2001 Sapporo sales office opened.
2002 Tokyo Service Center opened.
Kagoshima amalgamated with Kumamoto sales offeice.
2003 East-North branch opened.
2004 Matsumoto US Technology LLC founded in Alabama.
2005 South-Osaka amalgamated with East-Osaka sales office, Osaka and Nagoya Service Centers opened.
Suzuka sales office opoened.
2006 Nagoya-System sales office opened.
2007 April Excell Co.,Ltd amalgamated with Matsumoto Sangyo Co.,Ltd., and started as Excell Trading & Works
July Yamagata sales office opened.
July Yamaguchi sales office opened.
2008 Office name of Omiya changed to Saitama.
2009 July Office name of Morioka changed to East-North.
October Osaka-MAC Co.,Ltd amalgamated with Matsumoto Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
November Yamagata sales office amalgamated with Sendai sales office.
2010 February Nagoya-System sales office amalgamated with Nagoya sales office.
April Katsuhiro Isa installed as the Chairman of the Board and Representative Director,
Mitsutaka Yoshida as the President and Representative Director and Tsutomu Hyodo as the Vice President and Representative Director
2011 February MAC Co.,Ltd amalgamated with Matsumoto Kikai Co.,Ltd, and started as MAC Business
  West Sales Office moved to Osaka-Branch Office and started as Sales 6-Section
March Guangzhou Matsumoto System Trading Co.,Ltd (G-MAST) founded.
2012 August Kyushu distribution center established.
October Matsumoto Tecnica De Mexico, S.A DE C.V.(MAMEX) established.
November Matsumoto Sangyo Co., Ltd. obtained Nankai Yozai Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
2013 January Three Core Co., Ltd. was amalgamated with Matsumoto Sangyo Co., Ltd
April Chugoku distribution center established.
September Guangzhou Matsumoto System Trading Co., Ltd. Suzhou office opened
2014 February Hokuriku Distribution Center established.
April Tohoku Distribution Center established. Eco Department established.
April MUST Ohio Office opened.
2015 February Shikoku distribution center established.
March The head office moved to 1-12-6, utsubohommachi, nishi-ku, Osaka city.
June Kantou System Chiba office closed and integrated with Sagamihara office.
November It renamed the Kagoshima branch as Kagoshima office
2016 April Mitsutaka Yoshida inducted as the president and CEO.
Kyozo Kuginuki inducted as representative senior managing director.
May Utsunomiya office moved to 9-24, 3-Chome, Higashigishisyukugo, Utsunomiya City.
2017 January Kanto System department was renamed to Kanto System sales office and moved to 27-12, 1-chome,
Nishihashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara city, Kanagawa.
January Kagoshima office moved to 30-5, 1-Chome, Wada, Kagoshima City.
April Nagasaki branch office closed.
May Niigata office moved to 12-17, 2-Chome, Motoumakoshi, Chuou-Ku, Niigata city.
May Rental Division Niigata office moved to 238 Yoshinoya, Sanjo city, Niigata.
December Selected as a “regional future traction company” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2018 March Hokuriku Distribution Center relocated to 202 Higashi Kaminomachi, Kanazawa City.
April Rental division, Kantou office relocated to 15-1, 2-Chome, Miyashita, Chuo-Ku, Sagamihara city.
Sagamihara sales office integrated with Yokohama sales office and became as Yokohama 5 division.
May Keiji sales office relocated to 7-10, Wakatake-Cho, Kusatus city, Shiga Pref.
July East-North office moved to 49-46, 3-Chome, Motomiya, Morioka city.
Koriyama office moved to 9-11, 2-Chome, Yokoduka, Koriyama city.
August Kansai Distribution Center relocated to 2-1-95, Minamitsumori , Nisinari-Ku, Osaka City.
September Chugoku distribution center relocated to 2-2-11, Tomonishi , Asaminami-Ku, Hiroshima City.
2019 We celebrate the 100th anniversary of our founding.
April Yokohama 3 section unifies with Yokohama 1 section.
2019 MUST Ohio OfficeをCincinnatiへ移転
G-MAST 武漢事務所を開設